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Empi (Elbow Strike) Drill

PLEASE NOTE: The empi drill sequence does not form part of the current grading syllabus. It is a training drill only!

The empi drill sequence that we practice within CFTS consist of eight empi strikes.

The strikes are named as follows:

Mae empi (front elbow strike)

Mawashi empi (roundhouse elbow strike)

Ushiro empi (rear elbow strike)

Ushiro-mawashi empi (rear roundhouse elbow strike)

Yoko empi (side elbow strike)

Yoko-age empi (upper side elbow strike)

Age empi (upper elbow strike)

Otoshi empi (downward elbow strike)

These are done in pairs, two to the front (N) , two to the rear (S), two to the right side (E) and the final two at a 45 degree angle forwards (NE).

View the empi strikes in a drill sequence:

View the bunkai application of the drill sequence:


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