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Bo Kata

CFTS practises several kata which focus on the use of a bo staff. Performing a bo kata is not currently on any of the grading syllabi, but these kata are fun to learn and educational to study. Practical bo training in classes also includes defending against an attacker wielding a bo and disarming an attacker with a bo or similar tool.

Please note, with reference to the video clips:

  • All of the video are performed by Sensei Paul Walker with the exception of Taikyoku Shodan (which does not feature in the SKIF curriculum), Seienchin and Seipai. Paul has been practicing karate since January 1982 and spent three years of his training, from 1996 to 1999, studying in Japan at the Headquarters Dojo of Master Hirokazu Kanazawa. He has been a member of the Shotokan Karate International Federation (SKIF) ever since, and is a current board member for SKIF-USA.

  • Kanazawa Sensei features on Seienchin and Seipai.


Information Sources (including, but not exclusively):

  • Kata - The Folk Dances of Shotokan by Rob Redmond

  • Okinawan Karate - A History of Masters and Styles by Christopher Clarke

  • Shotokan Karate International Kata Vols 1 and 2 by Hirokazu Kanazawa

  • Sensei Andy Gillies

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