CFTS Open Day 2008 and Area Gradings

It was suggested that this year the Bletchley Area Gradings were to be organised a little differently. Sensei McMahon and Sensei Kidby decided to organise a series of displays and a large marketing campaign to try to attract new beginners and show aspiring karate-ka what they could look forward to and hope to achieve as a Dan grade.

The demonstrations were split in between the various stages of the normal gradings. The demonstrations included: self defence in common situations against different size attackers; breaking demo; knife defence; team kata; freestyle kumite; bo kata; bo kumite; sword defence; mass Dan grade kata; and line training.

The audience seemed to enjoy all the displays, going by the applause that greeted the demonstrations. There were a few nervous people performing in the demonstrations but all were executed successfully.

Club Trophy Winners:

Clapham: Luke Whitworth

Riseley: Gregory May

Ampthill: Oliver Donoghue

Brickhill: Daniel Young

Kempston: Mason Matthews

Newport Pagnell: Simon McMahon

Newton Longville: Louise Thomas

Bletchley: Sandrine Gaffney

Wolverton: Anthony Nevin

Cedars: Courtney Plummer

Bushfield: Jude Beckett

There was good support from the Dan grades; thanks go to all that turned up and all those who put a lot of time & effort into making the demonstrations. Also congratulations go to all the students who passed their gradings - keep up the hard work!

Below are a selection of movie clips of demonstrations performed:

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