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Kyu Gradings - September 2021

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Club gradings were again held in their respective dojos, read below the report from the various clubs:


Another great grading day for Newton Longville students. Run in four groups over the course of Sunday 19th, the students were put through their syllabus and showed great speed, spirit and determination, regardless of not being able to do actual pair work or kiai.

All the higher grade graders had attended extra classes and were on top form.

The quarterly trophy was won by James Starck

Thanks must also go out to Sensei David Thomas and Sensei Elliott Thomas for their adminsitrative assistance on the day.


All the Bletchley students put on a good show for their gradings, especially the ones going for blue belt who were equally excited and nervous of the occasion. But they all triumphed and we had some outstanding graders.

The trophy was won by Albert Luchian.


Newport Pagnell Club held their grading on 19th September and 21 students attended. The hard work and effort put in over the past months really showed as the candidates demonstrated their basics, kumite (COVID safe) and kata.

The club trophy went to Ava and Sally for their outstanding effort and etiquette in lessons.


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