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Kyu Gradings - March 2020

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Over the grading weekend many students turned up nervously anticipating their grading. To grade is a reward for many visits to the dojo plus many minutes of dedicated practice at home. This was obviously the case once the students began their grading examination for as they got into it their nerves dissolved and most gave a very good account of themselves. Very few students had to be rebuked for too many mistakes or poor memories. This is a credit to both CFTS students and instructors alike. Well done everyone. Congratulations to you all. For those who struggled, take Renshi’s advice to practice more, focus in the class and train with sincerity and dedication.

In new and challenging circumstances, the students from Milton Keynes did exceptionally well. Thank you must go to all the black belts and instructors who did so well to make the day so successful. A couple of lessons were learned from the day so next time will run even smoother.

For the winners of the quarterly club awards it really was a special day. The awards are given for a multitude of reasons - maybe for regular attendance, for overcoming difficulty learning a new kata or technique or for assisting sensei or others in the dojo. On occasion the award is given for non-related karate reasons like 'living' the dojo kun away from the dojo like charitable works. For whatever the reason they were awarded the students below left the gradings proudly with a big smile on their face.

The winners were…

BLETCHLEY Rumeth Lewliyadda


CLAPHAM/OAKLEY Abigail Pidgeon

KEMPSTON Louise Dickson



STEWKLEY Jack Pierce

THORNTON Samara Saanvi


GREEN PARK Evan Senior

Louise Dickson of Brickhill

Jenny Davies, collecting on behalf of Sarah Davies of Kempston

Abigail Pidgeon of Oakley

Brett Keith of Newport Pagnell

Helen Richmond of Newton Longville

Samara Saanvi of Thornton College

Laurie-Joe Green of St Thomas Aquinas School

Jack Pierce of Stewkley School


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