Area Gradings - September 2008

Details of the recent Bletchley & Bedford Area Gradings.

Congratulations to all the karate-ka that attained their next grade at the recent gradings. Keep up the hard work.

Club Trophy Winners:

Ampthill: Robyn Brown Bushfield: Not awarded Bletchley: Chloe Outten Brickhill: Kathryn Saberi Cedars: Molly Handford Kempston: Brian Tanti Newton Longville: Carol Quarmby Newport Pagnell: Michelle Oxtoby Wolverton: Maddy Sturgeon Clapham: Andy Livesey Riseley: not awarded

Dan Grade Diplomas Awarded

Bedford Area:

Left to right - Antonio Girardi (Shodan), James Saunders & Chris Toms (Nidan)

Luke Whitworth (Shodan)

Bletchley Area:

Left to right - Ryan Sigward & Andy Gillies (Shodan), Pam Waterhouse (Nidan), Dennis Bigsby (Sandan) and Jan & Viv Wilson (Yondan)

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