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Shihan Holmes Kobo Jitsu Course - May 2009

There was a fantastic turnout at a thoroughly enjoyable course hosted by CFTS, held at the usual course dojo in Kempston on May 16th. The instructor was Shihan Holmes. The content was kobo jitsu or to the uninitiated, stick fighting which included all the usual tears of pain and laughter.

Once again we repeat that the philosophy of CFTS is not to learn to how use weapons. To know how to use them can, in the less than disciplined, be a dangerous thing. However to understand what they can do and how dangerous they can be is half way to dealing with them when attacked by them.

Sensei Holmes explained that the sticks we were using could represent anything we might be attacked with, from an umbrella, walking stick, baseball bat, pool cue or even a rolled up newspaper.

The course content brought together Sensei’s knowledge of both his Jyu-Jitsu and escrima in a fun yet very informative way. Some of the more lucky adult students were able to take advantage of the better weather by training outside which gave more space for those remaining indoors.

One side issue of the afternoon was how to improve one’s reaction times, capably demonstrated by Sensei Holmes and his assistant.

The main content was fascinating, demonstrating how any weapon might be turned against an aggressor and used for chokes, locks and restraints - turning the attacker to a blubbering mess. One of the biggest laughs of the day came when we were shown how to place the stick between an attackers legs to frog march him off.

The thanks of CFTS must go to Shihan Holmes and his assistants for such an informative and fun afternoon but also to all those who turned up supporting the course making it such a fabulous afternoon. We are confident you were well rewarded. Here’s to the next visit of Shihan!

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