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Shihan Finch Course - November 2008

Shihan Craig Finch 6th Dan returned to take us on a Kumite and Bo staff course on the 15th November..

The course was split into 2 parts, the first part focused on Bo and the second part on Kumite.

Sensei Finch had changed styles and imparted upon us some of the Bo Basics he had learnt from his new instructor.

We were shown 10 combinations starting off very basic & then increasing with complexity. The combinations were repeated in both left and right stances.

The style of the Bo combinations used a much shorter yoi stance then when we had been instructed last time and there were other subtle differences in the basics compared to what we have been practising in the katas that Sensei Finch had taught us previously.

The Bo course progressed swiftly with us practising the combinations repeatedly to try to get to grips with the 10 new combinations.

The second part of the course featured bunkai/kumite techniques. Some were derived from Sensei Finch's chosen kata/bunkai.

We were allowed to put our own effective finishing techniques on the end of some of his basic combinations.

Towards the end of the course we performed some kata, so we could establish the bunkai in it that we had practiced and apply the appropriate aggression/focus in the kata that we displayed in the combinations.

It was interesting to note the slight differences in Sensei Finch's style of katas compared to our Traditional Shotokan Kata. This often happens over many years, when knowledge is handed down through the years from instructor to instructor. Even different geographic regions in Okinawa prompted slight differences in kata.

The course was challenging and highly enjoyable - thanks to Shihan Finch for taking us on another course and thanks to Sensei Kidby for organising it again.

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