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Sensei Randall Advanced Course - July 2009

Sensei Randall held an advanced course for Brown belts and above on the 11th of July.

Sensei Michael Randall M.B.E was the fourth person in Britain to obtain a black belt and has been training longer than many CFTS members have been alive. Apart from being a Karate-ka of amazing ability and power (his 8th Dan is testament to this) he is also approachable and a true 'gentle' man.

The course was exceptionally well attended, everyone seemed very eager to start.

The course consisted of two parts - Two on one Kumite and some very advanced Kata: Seipai, Seienchin and Gankaku-Sho.

Kumite consisted of the usual complex series moves that both tested junior and senior grades. Sensei Randall has a reputation for inventing challenging series of techniques - both mentally & physically.

After a short break, Sensei then took the class through the three most advanced shotokan Kata. These kata have their roots in other styles of Karate and were adapted to Shotokan by Sensei Kanazawa: Seipai (from Goju-ryu), Seienchin (from Shito-ryu) and Gankaku-Sho (from Shorin-ryu).

This gave the senior Dan grades the rare opportunity to study the kata and see some of the more interesting bunkai as demonstrated by a very experienced karate-ka.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it & certainly gave a lot of people some food for thought.

Thanks to Sensei Randall for providing a very enjoyable course and thanks to Sensei Kidby for once again organising it!

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