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Sanbon Kumite Set 5

Set 5 uses augmented blocks and the augmented shuto counter (from Kihon Ippon Set 3 maegeri).

Important: This set is not a requirement of the CFTS kyu grading syllabus

Attacker and Defender both in yoi.

Attacker steps back into left zenkutsu-dachi/left gedan barai. Defender in yoi.

Attacker steps forward right jodan oi-zuki. Defender steps back in left kokutsu-dachi with left jodan morote haiwan-uke/age-uke (as in Heian Nidan).

Attacker steps forward left chudan oi-zuki. Defender steps back in right kokutsu-dachi with right morote uchi-uke.

Attacker steps forward right chudan maegeri. Defender steps back in left zenkutsu-dachi with left juji-uke.

Defender draws back hands to chest, changing stance (interim move).

Defender counters with left augmented shuto-uchi in right zenkutsu-dachi.


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