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AGM and Dan Gradings - October 2015

Updated: Dec 21, 2021


The day began with the dan gradings, where five candidates with varying degrees of nervousness lined up to face the Executive and the dan grades panel.

All five gave a good account of themselves through the long and arduous grading. At twelve o'clock, after nearly three hours of kihon, kata, kumite and other tests (not to be mentioned here!) and after a in-depth oral examination, they all learned that they had succeeded.

Congratulations to you all from the Executive, the dan grade panel and your fellow karate students.

The successful candidates were;

Aran Singh (Kempston), Isabelle Biggs (Kempston), Sandeep Singh (Kempston), Mariella Prodromou (Brickhill) and Sarah Whitworth (Clapham)


After lunch, the AGM began. It was well attended and some of the areas under discussion were:

  • Next year's courses (to be ticket events only, which can be purchased from your usual dojo)

  • 2016 competition

  • Deciding the winners of the junior students art competition - Read here: Art Competition Results

  • The 2016 event calendar, which has now been issued and is available on the main page of the website

Also, at the AGM, the following students received their dan grade diplomas:

Elliot Thomas, Dharmender Bhakar, Zoe McMahon, Ashley Banghar, Paul Comb, Harry Prouse, David Francis, Asif Tutakahil and David Thomas


The 1st Aid Awareness course followed the AGM. It was delivered with the usual level of humour and expertise by two paramedics. Those attending were given the opportunity to try CPR on the dummies. However, for most, the most interesting section was on the subject of Defibrillators, which are now becoming more evident in public places.

Shihan McClagish doing CPR on a 'subject' after the defibrillator had been in operation.


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