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Kung Fu Kumite Course - May 2012

Multi-martial artist Shihan Wayne Swietoslawski came to the Bunyan Sports Centre in Bedford recently to give us an insight into some Kung–Fu Kumite. Shihan Wayne was ably assisted by Dominic Roberts, 7th dan Wing Chung.

Over fifty CFTS students attended keen to learn from a different afternoon's training. After very thorough warm ups, which were very relaxed and non-ballistic, we were relaxed physically and mentally prepared for the course content.

We began with something similar to tai-sabaki (body evasion) using tekubi-kake-uke (back hand bent wrist block). This was similar to many bunkai moves from our senior kata. What was different was the concept that you remained in contact with your opponent. Soon we moved on to various Wing Chung training drills some which were similar to our Kumite and some which introduced different concepts.

The only negative was that 5pm came too quickly and the afternoon was drawing to a close just as the students were getting confident with a new approach to kumite. All those who attended had a good afternoon's training introducing and exploring some kung-fu drills and, as importantly, appeared to enjoy it too.

A big CFTS thank you must go to Shihan Wayne Sweitoslawski and to Shihan Dominic Roberts for taking such an enjoyable and informative seminar in a relaxed and enjoyable, yet disciplined, environment.

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