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Bedford and Bletchley Area Gradings - March 2011

Once again CFTS students from across our area met at Bedford Athletic Stadium, Bletchley Leisure Centre and Margaret Beaufort School in Riseley for grading examinations.

Numbers were slightly fewer than last time partly maybe due to the economic climate but more so because some students were recommended not to grade due to not being quite ready to do so. It is suggested that these students practice more and attend training regularly to ensure that they will be both ready and more confident next time.

Those students that did grade generally were of a good standard. Only very few went home unhappy with their efforts and results.

The Saturday gradings took place in the Bedford Athletic Stadium. Many congratulations must go to those which were awarded the club trophy for being karate-ka of the quarter. The winners were:

Ampthill…David Shield

Brickhill…Carla Vincent

Kempston…Sensei James Saunders.

It is worth mentioning here that Sensei Saunders is tireless in his support and assistance of CFTS and does much behind the scenes to help both Sensei Kidby and Sensei Mc Clagish. Their thanks go to him.

After the trophies had been presented, Sensei Frances Livesey and Sensei Luke Whitworth were presented with their second dan diplomas by Sensei Kidby. Congratulations to both of them. It was Sensei McClagish’s birthday on the day of the Bedford gradings. He informs us that he was celebrating his 21st Birthday. That may be true, but it wasn’t for the first time! The CFTS black belts proceeded to give Sensei McClagish the bumps. Here though they took Sensei’s word for being only 21 because it was less physically demanding on them all than had he revealed his true age. On the Sunday Students from Milton Keynes area met at the Bletchley Leisure Centre for their grading examinations. The winners of the quarterly awards were:

Cedars...Andrew Johnston

Bletchley...Mr David Francis

Bushfield...Sam Coffey

Newton Longville...Joseph Cook

Newport Pagnell...Eamon Kennedy

Wolverton...Mrs Barabara O’Reilly.

As in Bedford, there were some Dan grade Diplomas to award. Sensei Matt Eagles and Sensei Jack Leeman received their shodan diploma and Sensei Andy Gillies his for Nidan (second dan). Once again we should congratulate them all.

CFTS is a very busy association. There is always something to look forward to. The next event is the competition day to be held on Saturday April 9th at Bletchley Leisure Centre. We are in need of mats to make the most of our competitions in the future. However at a minimum cost of over £2,000 per fighting area you can see how we could do with some fund raising. Over the last few years we have been extremely successful in raising money for One Step at a Time helping unfortunate children in Lira. Maybe charity should now begin at home. If we can do as well fundraising for ourselves over the next few months our next competition will be an even better day. With this in mind, one of our younger black belts got himself sponsored to break fifteen pine boards which he achieved in just under a minute. In so doing, Ryan Sigward of Newport Pagnell club got our fund raising off with a healthy £260. Well done Ryan and thank you.

On the same day in Riseley, at The Maragaret Beaufort School, the students from the north of our area met for their gradings. It was pleasing to see a sudden influx of beginners taking their blue belt. Well done to you all. Welcome to CFTS. We hope you enjoy your training with us and that you stay for a long time. The winners of the trophies were:

Riseley...Ellis Isaac

Clapham...Rowena Dyer

Once again well done and congratulations to you both.

(Back row (L-R) Rowena Dyer - Clapham Club trophy winner, Frances Livesey - Nidan diploma, Luke Whitworth - Nidan diploma, Front row (L-R) Ellis Isaac - Riseley club trophy winner, Successfully graded for 1st Kyu at Bedford on Saturday Jack Tilling, Alison Ward and Sarah Ward.


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