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Area Gradings - June 2006

June gradings came and went fairly uneventfully with the vast majority passing their grade successfully. For those that weren’t as fortunate - commiserations, but keep up the hard training and next time, when you pass, the pleasure will be even greater!

Remember gradings are just the route to achieving a black belt. They are not the be-all and end-all of karate. The important thing is how good you are and how you feel within yourself that is important, not the colour of the belt you are wearing. To grade for the next belt is a reward for diligent, dedicated practice, not a right that comes along every few months.

In recognition of extra effort and achievement the club trophy awards were handed out with sincere congratulations from all to:

Ampthill: Morganne Graves Bletchley: Sam Hermes Brickhill: Danielle Dutton Clapham: Jack Hills Kempston: Tinder Potts Newport Pagnell: Andrew Shipton Newton Longville: Liam Shinner Riseley: Jack Freeman Wolverton: Jim Leslie

Having served the statutory probationary period, shodan diplomas were presented at the Bletchley gradings to Val Bridges, Mark Nicholas, Matthew Waterhouse, and a first for CFTS, to three members of the same family on the same day, Leslie, Charlotte and Joshua Spurrell. At the Bedford area, shodan diplomas were awarded to Mr Marsh and Mr Mannas both of St Neots club.

Many much deserved congratulations to all!


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