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Zanshin Karate Visit to Brickhill

On Saturday 21st January, CFTS’ Brickhill club welcomed Sensei Brian Bates (5th dan) to take the 4 classes for that day. Sensei was ably assisted by Sensei Luke Whitworth, formerly of Clapham club. Near enough the whole of Brickhill club attended and with guests from Clapham and Kempston across the 4 hours we were approaching 70 odd people in attendance!

As with the new class schedule, we started with the senior grades. This session started off with how to break fall and then Sensei took us through a range of locks and takedowns primarily found in the Bassai kata and Heian Yondan. This session was over far too quickly and the next session for green belts and above was using Heian Yondan from a clinch position and incorporating some of the locks from the previous session.

Next came the turn of the red through to yellow belts. Again this session focused on grappling and started with break falling. This session looked at the empi uke, uraken, tate shuto sequence of Heian Sandan. Once all students had gone through some clinch work, we split into 2 with Sensei Young taking the juniors through some takedowns and floor work using the kata, whilst the older students carried on the flow using the sequence with Sensei Whitworth whilst Sensei Bates floated between the 2 groups.

For the final session we had to make a quick dash to the upstairs hall! The beginners and blue belts looked at guard clearance and limb control using Takiyoku Shodan/Heian Shodan. This was then given an additional layer of pad work to support and let them hit something!

The afternoon went by far too quickly and was very much enjoyed by all in attendance! A big thank you to Sensei’s Bates and Whitworth and we look forward to seeing you again soon.


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