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fudo dachi

rooted stance, see also sochin dachi (weight distribution 50:50)

gankaku dachi

crane leg stance - see also tsuru ashi dachi (weight distribution 100:0)

hachiji dachi

open leg stance - heels apart, toes pointing out (weight distribution 50:50)

hangetsu dachi

half-moon stance, or wide hour-glass stance (weight distribution 50:50)

heiko dachi

parallel stance - feet are facing forwards (weight distribution 50:50)

heisoku dachi

informal attention stance - feet completely together (weight distribution 50:50)

jiyu dachi

freestyle stance (weight distribution 50:50)

kiba dachi

straddle stance, also known as Horse Riding stance (weight distribution 50:50)

kokutsu dachi

back stance (weight distribution 70:30)

kosa dachi

crossed feet stance, as in Heian Yondan at the first kiai (weight distribution 90 front:10 rear)

musubi dachi

attention stance - heels placed together but toes turned out at 45 degrees (weight distribution 50:50)

neko ashi dachi

cat foot stance (weight distribution 90:10)

renoji dachi

L stance (weight distribution 50:50)

sanchin dachi

hour glass stance (weight distribution 50:50)

shiko dachi

square stance (weight distribution 50:50)

shizen tai dachi

natural stance or position. The body remains relaxed but alert. This is a group of stances, eg. musubi dachi, heisoku dachi, heiko dachi

sochin dachi

rooted stance, see fudo dachi (weight distribution 50:50)

teiji dachi

T stance (weight distribution 50:50)

tsuru ashi dachi

crane leg stance - see also gankaku dachi (weight distribution 100:0)

uchi hachiji dachi

inverted open leg stance - feet facing inwards (weight distribution 50:50)


ready stance - from the shizen-tai group of natural stances. Very similar to heiko dachi but feet should be turned slightly inwards (weight distribution 50:50)

zenkutsu dachi

forward stance. The actual translation means 'front knee bent stance' (weight distribution 70 front:30 rear)

Sagi ashi dachi

Heron stance (foot against inside of knee, as in Jitte on bo pull)

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