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age uke

upper rising block

chudan ude uke

middle level forearm block

chudan uke

middle level block

empi uke

elbow block

gedan barai

lower level sweeping block

gedan barai uke

lower level sweeping block

gedan uke

lower level block

hai-wan uke

back arm block

haishu uke

back hand block

haito uke

ridge-hand block

jodan uke

high level block

juji uke

X block

kagi uke

hooking block

kakiwake uke

reverse wedge block

keito uke

chicken head block

kentsui uke

side hammer fist block

kosa uke

crossed arm double block

morote uke

augmented block - this term can be added to other blocks

muso uke

double forearm together block / trap

nagashi uke

sweeping arm block

nami ashi

inside snapping block

osae uke

pressing block

seiryuto uke

ox jaw block

shuto uke

knife hand block

soto ude uke

outside forearm block

soto uke

outside forearm block

sukui uke

scooping block

teisho uke

palm heel block

tekubi kake uke

bent wrist palm up block

tetsui uke

bottom fist block

tsukami uke

grasping block

uchi ude uke

inside forearm block

uchi uke

inside block generally used as a short version of uchi ude uke

ude uke

forearm block



uraken uke

back fist block

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