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Shotokai Course February 8th - Preview

The first course of 2014 promises to be a real eye-opener to the differences between our sister styles. We have seen kata performed by other styles such as Kyokushinkai and we are similar in terms of speed and power. But prepare for something completely different with Shotokai.

The focus of the course will be Bassai-Dai. The course will open with Renshi Kidby taking us through Bassai-Dai to enable Minh Chung sensei to see how it is performed Shotokan style, before he shows us the Shotokai way.

Minh Chung sensei has trained with Harada sensei for many years. He started KDS training in the early 80's at Durham University, moving to Oxford in 2001 and founding the Oxford University KDS.

Harada Sensei is one of the very few remaining karate-ka's to have trained under Funakoshi sensei and was awarded 5th dan by Funakoshi himself at the age of 28. Harada Sensei has never sought a Dan grade beyond Godan, feeling it meaningless, as how could he grade above his own teacher, who was also 5th Dan (this is also the highest grade attainable in Harada sensei's KDS organisation).

Let us as a Federation show respect for our sister style by attending this course.

See you there!

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