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Sensei Randall Course - November 2005

We were lucky to have Shihan Michael Randall 8th Dan, a Shotokan Karate Instructor with 40 years Karate experience again to take us through a variety of basics, kumite and bunkai.

It was a big turn out, approximately 100 Karate-ka, including a large contingent of Dan grades. Sensei Randall started off by taking us through a series of kumite sequences that were practiced individually and with partners.

(Un)fortunately for some partners, the matching up was not always equal!

We also participated in some of Sensei's breathing techniques/sequences. Towards the end of the session, Sensei took us through some bunkai to the Heian Katas.

As usual everyone from lower grades up to Dan grades seemed to enjoy the course and I am sure everyone took something useful away from it.

Thanks to Sensei Randall for teaching and thanks to all the students who supported the course - hopefully we will see Sensei again soon!

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