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Sensei Randall Course - May 2008

Sensei Randall 8th Dan recently visited CFTS to take another course. As usual he put us through our paces and gave our brains a workout too!

There was a good turnout from Dan grades & Kyu grades as Sensei Randall has become a firm favourite for many CFTS Karate-ka.

After warm-ups he launched into 'basics' that were not-so basic. Below brown belts got a single combination and above brown belt got 2 combinations involving several counters to an attack.

We were then told there would be 5 attacks (jodan, chudan, mae-geri, kekomi & mawashi-geri). This meant for the higher grades there would be 10 combinations in total. To get the brain into even more turmoil we then told we would need to remember them all and perform them migi and hidari. So there were a few frowns of concentration (or was it panic?) as karate-ka were busy revising all the combinations after each new combination was learnt.

Sensei Randall was still amazingly agile and fast when demonstrating some of the more unusual basics! The combinations were influenced by the kata Unsu - which we were going to study in the second part of the course..

After a short break Sensei Randall took us through Unsu - a high level Dan grade kata. We went through the kata in detail & practised it several times. Sensei Randall then demonstrated some of the bunkai from the kata and had us get together in teams to practice the combinations too.

I am sure Dan Grades found the instruction enlightening and it was an interesting challenge for the lower grades - especially as they got to practice some of the more unusual basics in Shotokan. Everyone seemed to enjoy the course (as usual!) and it seemed to give Sensei Kidby some ideas for extra "Sets" to practice at a later date.

Thanks to Sensei Randall for teaching and Sensei Kidby as usual for organising the course!

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