Sensei Holmes Self Defence Course - April 2004

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

It was a great turn out to the Self Defence Course - it was open to both Karate-ka and families/friends. Fortunately we were able to move the course outside to make the most of a very nice Saturday afternoon!

After some very "different" warm-ups we started some self defence situations - demonstrated by Sensei Holmes and his son. They consisted of some Ju-jitsu style defences to common attacks, countering with some blocks, strikes and then applying some locks. We also did some ground work (a person attacking a prone person on the floor) which involved some scissor leg take downs. Sensei Holmes also demonstrated some knife defences & counters. I think everyone on the course who managed to do the pressure point behind the ears move, whilst lifting the attackers body with your legs, will remember how painful/effective it was!