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Peter Calver

I live in Buckinghamshire, England and have clubs in Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire. I began training in 1984 under Sensei John Caves and Sensei Robin Reid at the Leighton Buzzard Club. The Club was a member of TASK with the Chief Instructor Sensei John Van Weenen.

Since 1993, I have been a Professional Karate Instructor. I teach Shotokan Karate in my clubs I also teach Karate and Self Defence to demand, whether one to one or in the Corporate field.

In 1994, Mr. Bernard Coppen, Mr. Andy Kidby and myself formed our own Karate group called CFTS (Central Federation of Traditional Shotokan).

I teach at my 3 clubs every week at Buckingham, Brackley and Towcester. I also teach private lessons throughout the week during the day. Also I run Self Defence courses throughout the year, catering for most needs and ages.


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