Paul Comb

Updated: 6 days ago

Read 'My Shodan Experience'!

My interest in martial arts began in 1999 at the age of 28. I started training in in taekwon-do under Shihan Sahota brother to Master Sahota of ukgt taekwon do where I trained for five and half years. After a few years out my son asked me if I could take him to a karate class in Houghton Regis where he lived at the time. We both started there and we both reached 4th kyu together, my son then moved away and I was hooked on karate but, living in Newport Pagnell, I did not want to travel to Houghton Regis to train, so I looked on the internet and found CFTS karate classes in Newport Pagnell.

I phoned up Renshi Kidby who was sensei at the time and asked him if I could pop down and watch a lesson; his reply was bring your gi and train and see how you get on. I went away that night and have never looked back. During my time with CFTS I have attended a few courses and competitions and have the pleasure of training with a lot of good instructors and have learnt a lot from them. In April 2014 I passed my shodan grading which is by far the hardest grading I have ever taken. I looked forward now to many more years with CFTS.