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Mariella Prodromou

I began learning karate in April 2009, at the Brickhill Community centre under Sensei Saunders, when I was nine years old. I was encouraged by my parents to do this as they thought it would be a good way to give me confidence and to learn self-discipline.

After my first few weeks I found I was really enjoying training under Sensei Saunders, and had been a regular student coming to train at Brickhill for the past six years. I have also enjoyed learning new kata’s, when achieving a new grade, and my favourite kata is Enpi.

When I was a 3rd Kyu I trained under Sensei Young and his father, and I have been doing this as well as heading down to Kempston to train under Renshi Kidby when I was a 1st Kyu, to prepare for my Shodan grading. I was told by Sensei Young that I was invited to the Shodan grading, two weeks before. I had felt nervous yet excited and had trained hard onwards, practising my sets and katas as well as the terminology and history behind Shotokan karate. The big day had finally came (10th October 2015), and the pressure was on. After a long and intense grading, the feeling I got when I was told I passed felt incredible! I made my family and instructors proud of the hard work I had put in the past 6 years.

I was always committed to my karate training, and I will continue to be. I know that there is a lot more still to come.


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