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Liam Carter

I began my Martial Arts journey when I was 6 years old. My parents wanted me to learn self-defence. I chose Karate because I discovered you could chop wood with your hands, something I thought was cool.

My mum took me along to Clapham Karate Club under Shihan McClagish in 2015. I was so nervous and scared that I sat and only watched the first lesson. Eventually another Sensei, Sensei Livesey was kind enough to persuade me to join in.

I found Karate exciting, but emotionally difficult at first, as I always wanted to do my best. Over many years of training, I have learnt to control and focus my training. I have been fortunate to grade at every opportunity and even double graded once! CFTS competition days were exciting. I have entered the Kata competitions, shown my Bo skills and received Karateka of the Day award.

A few years ago, Clapham Club moved to Oakley under Sensei Saunders. His teaching style has developed my Karate further, following on from Shihan McClagish. I continued to train every week, twice a week religiously, except for holidays, and it is this commitment which has driven me closer and closer to my Shodan. In the months leading up to achieving my black belt many Dan Grades within my club offered me advice, skills and the help I needed to succeed.

In June 2022 I attended my Shodan Grading. It was the most nervous I have ever been. Whist I was emotional, I remembered all my hard training and advice given to me, which enable me to perform very well. The day is something I will always remember. I am very proud of my Club, my Sensei’s, my journey and myself. I am proud to be one of the youngest Shodans in CFTS at the age of 12.

I look forward to my future in CFTS and helping students achieve their goals. Thank you to Shihan McClaglish, Sensei Saunders and Sensei Livesey, as without them I wouldn’t be a Shodan.


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