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Kyu Gradings - December 2018

In early December, CFTS students across the areas met for the final event of the CFTS 2018 calendar, for the gradings. It was pleasing to see so many new members. We wish you good luck and hope you enjoy your karate journey of discovery and self-enlightenment. We want you to enjoy your karate with us in a safe and fun-filled environment with some of the best instructors around. We are confident you will.

It has been said before but it is true to once again say that the standard was very high with genuinely only a very few who just scraped through. It is right to say congratulations therefore to all who graded so successfully and who are now proudly wearing their new belt.

We have a wealth of new 1st and 2nd kyus too, a very special congratulations to you students. No grading is easy but once you get to the business end of gradings they can be very difficult and demanding so well done.

Whatever the grade you have achieved, WELL DONE! It is deserved. Your belt is the culmination of much practice and dedication.

Special congratulations must go to the recipients of the club trophy awards for being an outstanding karate-ka. To win the trophy isn’t easy. Try hard, train hard, practice well and keep up a high level of attendance and you may win your club’s award next March.

After the grading the 2019 calendars were handed out. Please keep them safe and make a note in your diary of the dates to allow you to attend and take advantage of the events that are put on to assist your development and enjoyment.

The quarterly trophy winners were:


Dylan Tyrtania of Ampthill

Melissa Luchian of Bletchley

Isobelle Curry of Brickhill

Brae O'Brien of Kempston

Garrath Green of Newport Pagnell

Chloe Parkes of Newton Longville

Ruby Dancer of Stewkley

Sophie Broad of Thornton College

Caleb Shuricht of Clapham/Oakley

The following Shodans also received their diplomas...

Jude Cluett

Robert Hawkins

Joe Young

Karl Chiodo

Joshua Penniston

Suzie Gray

Keep up the hard work in your training and next time the trophy winner could be you!



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