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Karl Chiodo

I started my Karate Career in July 2010 under Renshi Andy Kidby within the CFTS association. I gained my 1st belt (blue 10th KYU) in Sept 2010. I then moved through the belts gaining my Shodan (Black Belt) in March 2018.

Throughout my Karate career I have attended many competitions and courses/seminars and have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in all of them. During my competitions I have won many different awards such as Junior Karateka of the day and coming 1st - 3rd place in many different events. I have also helped Renshi Andy Kidby take warm up sessions and supported junior members of the club. I have even brought my younger brother into the club.

Other than karate my hobbies include being part of 3 football teams, my karate has really helped develop my goal keeping skills, although on receiving my Shodan grade I have reduced this down to 2 teams as I couldn’t continue doing my karate and holding up 3 teams. I am at present doing my Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award and completed my Bronze Award in May 2017, I hope to go on and complete the Gold Award but will wait until the time is right to complete this. I am also a member of the 1st Kempston Boys Brigade and have made my way up to Company Section over my 10 years’ service with them, this is also who I am completing my D of E with. I really enjoy keeping fit so will take part in any sports possible.

I am very proud to have achieved Shodan with Renshi Andy Kidby and would like to thank him for all the training and support he has given me. I would also like to thank Sensei Dan Young and all other Sensei’s that have supported and helped me through my training and will continue to put in the effort that I have always tried to.

My aim now is to continue to train hard and practice as much as I can, because Karate is a continuous journey. There is always something new to learn and always room for improvement.


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