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Jan Wilson

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

My karate training began in 1983 when I went to see a demonstration for the opening of a new club in Newport Pagnell. I enjoyed the demonstration and signed up, with a group of others to train with Sensei Kidby and Sensei Balfour. The club was then part of TASK, with Sensei van Weenen as the Chief instructor. I really enjoyed training (and still do) and was young free and single, so I was able to train twice a week at first, then after reaching 3rd kyu I started training in the advanced Saturday class in Bedford as well.

Sensei Viv Wilson and I met in 1984 and he soon realised that if he wanted to see me on a Friday night he would have to come training too! In the late 1980's I became club secretary for Newport Pagnell and some time later became involved in organising the paperwork for TASK gradings. In December 1988 I was successful in grading to shodan, something I had never thought I would be able to achieve when I had first started training. However I quickly realised this was really only the beginning.

I have since had three breaks in training for the birth of our children but have always missed training greatly when I am not able to. In 1995 Newport Pagnell club became part of the newly formed CFTS with Sensei Kidby, Sensei Coppen and Sensei Calver as joint Chief Instructors where I have continued to be the Milton Keynes are grading co-ordinator.

Having continued training whenever family commitments allowed, I achieved sandan in 1996 and I aim to continue as long as my body, and family, permits.


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