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Herbie Read

I started my karate in march of 2010 at the Bushfield club under the tutorage of Renshi Kidby. I found the class very daunting to begin with because of all the different moves that everyone seemed to know. As I progressed further I started to learn and understand, Renshi slowly took me through them building my confidence in karate. One of the first things that I really liked was the grade order line, I found this inspired me to become a higher grade. As I got to about 4th kyu, I realised that my karate needed to be more affective, and with the guidance of Renshi, he recommended that I go to the adult classes, so I started the Ousedale class and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was much more of a mentally challenging and physical class.

One of the best parts about CFTS is all of the different types of courses we do, each one giving a completely unique perspective towards martial arts. The CFTS competition day is probably my favourite event overall because I like competing in kumite although the kata is just as fun. In my opinion the best part of competition is the team challenge where six fighters from Bedford and six from Milton Keynes compete against each other to try and claim the victory!

After eight years of training, Renshi Kidby invited me to the shodan grading on the 23rd of march 2018. At that moment a million thoughts ran through my head, a lot of joy, worry and excitement, this was what I’ve been training so hard to achieve. The following weeks speeded by, the grading was all I could think about! After a very long and hard grading I came out with a bit of blood and a blackbelt!

I am looking forward to continuing with my karate training, I know that my journey has just begun and i look forward to the future.



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