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CFTS Visit to Harada Sensei's Technical Course

A gracious invite from Harada Sensei for Sunday 18th January 2015 training in Southampton allowed fortunate CFTS Sensei's McMahon, Gillies and Eagles yet another opportunity to return and train with the Karate Do Shotokai (KDS).

This was our third visit to KDS and yet again we were met with a warm welcome, something I know we as an association will reciprocate at the forthcoming Harada Sensei Shotokai course in February.

Shotokai's most senior executives gathered, each representing their European dojos (from the UK, Netherlands, Estonia, Finland and other countries) for their annual technical course, all wishing to gain valuable tuition from Harada Sensei.

Each guest was paired with a senior instructor and taken through the kihon (basics) and waza (techniques) with great attention to detail. CFTS guests were then given a taster of some of the course content we are to experience in February's course.

The instruction, courtesy and assistance given to each of us again during training showed a great consistency, typically depicting Harada Sensei's determination to pass on his knowledge, skills and beliefs to all students equally throughout his association.

An unexpected discussion regarding the difference in delivery of kage tsuki led to an impromptu demonstration - where three fortunate(?) people were lined up one behind the other (including Sensei McMahon). The demonstration enabled Harada Sensei to show his kime using his "one inch punch," a term given to me by Minh Chung earlier in the day - when Minh Chung demonstrated the same technique to my solar plexus.

Harada Sensei delivers his "one-inch-punch"

In the demonstration, Harada Sensei (showing very minimal movement) delivered the strike - all students in the line could be seen to experience the power, delivery and efficiency of the strike and were visibly forced back by the technique. Fortunately the student placed front of the queue was protected by a carefully placed focus pad! (Note from Sensei McMahon - "As I was the one last in line, with KDS instructor Adrian ensuring no additional movement, Harada Sensei's strike came through like a shockwave and pushed me backwards. Incredible!")

Amazing is the only word I can use to describe that experience!

Sensei McMahon, Sensei Eagles, Minh Chung Sensei, Harada Sensei & Sensei Gillies

The day culminated with the CFTS visiting Sensei's giving a gift of a bottle of Shochu Sake to Harada Sensei, to show our appreciation for his kind invitation enabling us to train with him.

I hope you all are looking forward to Harada Sensei's visit as much as I am. Osu!

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