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CFTS Safeguarding Course - October 2018

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Having successfully grading to Shodan in March of this year, I was required to attend the Safeguarding course which was held at Balliol School in Kempston for all new black belts for the benefit of all our members. It was hosted by Renshi Kidby and assisted by Sensei Viv Wilson and Sensei Jan Wilson. The course looked at the safeguarding, which is a more relevant name for child protection, for children and vulnerable students both in and out of the Dojo. It explained signs and behavioural patterns we should look for and actions we should take should we think a child maybe in a vulnerable situation at home, school, or in the Dojo etc. We were given various scenarios to discuss regards situations in the home and other places. It was clear from the other Dan grades attending the course that what some people think is acceptable can be seen as unacceptable by others so it is important for us all to keep an open mind whilst “questioning” what we witness. We were given advice on how we should protect ourselves from any uncomfortable situations such as not being alone with a student of any age, giving one-to-one tuition, or giving a lift home to a child (or vulnerable student) etc. The course lasted around 2 ½ hours; the time went very quickly and I found it very useful. It’s an important part of being a Dan Grade to know how to protect the students and know when to give help if needed, and also to protect ourselves from potential accusation. The CFTS Safeguarding policy can be viewed on our website by clicking here.

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