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CFTS Kata Course

On July 6th at The Bunyan Sports Centre Bedford @ 2.30pm CFTS will be hosting a kata course. This will benefit all grades. It is a course requested by our federation black belts at our last AGM so please do all you can to support it.

The content will be Chinte, focussing on the applications and moves behind the kata, between 2.30pm and 4.30pm. This session is for all grades and will cost the usual £12.

There will be an additional session for 1st Kyu’s and dan-grades finishing at 5.30pm where the content will be Tekki Sandan bunkai. The cost for senior grades will be £15 covering both sessions.

We are fortunate to have Shihan Paul Raymond 6th Dan to take us. He is a new instructor to you but I can fully recommend him. As an introduction here are a few facts about Paul.

Paul began training in 1982 under Senseis Mike Nuresy 8th Dan, Nick Adamou 9th Dan and Sensei Kanazawa 10th Dan. Paul is now 6th Dan. He has competed at many National and International kata events, winning far too many to list, otherwise was mostly placed in the top four. He has also been a part of the English kata team both individually and also in the team kata event. He has dedicated the last thirty years researching, practicing and developing his kata. His karate experience and knowledge will be of great advantage to all who attend the course.

Please make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to train with one of our countries top kata exponents. Remember your licence to get it stamped.

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