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CFTS Art and Design Competition 2015

Calling all CFTS Kids!!

Don’t be bored this summer - enter our Art & Design Competition

Design an A4 sized karate poster for CFTS & win a prize!

Create either by hand or by use of a computer and come up with a karate poster to help us promote our clubs.

There will be two competitions;

  • One for age 9 years old and under

  • One for over 10 years old

The Prizes are confirmed as follows:

1st (in both groups )

  • A new Gi and a karate book

  • Shihan Holmes course free pass

  • £20 cash

  • Value approx. £75

Runners up (in both groups)

  • A new Gi or a karate book

  • Shihan Holmes course free pass

  • Value approx. £30

Remember to put our web address ( and phone number (01234-853847) on your masterpiece and put your name, phone number and club on the reverse side.

All entrants’ artwork must be handed in to your usual instructor by September 1st. The best ten in each category will be put up on our website for all to see. The winners of each section will both receive a prize and it may even get adopted by CFTS and printed for the use of our clubs.

Good Luck!

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