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Alexandra Thomas

I started Karate in July 2004, aged nine after being approached by two enthusiastic students from Newton Longville dojo at a village fete. I had always wanted to do karate and was so amazed by the way the red belts did their kata, it was an opportunity I could not miss. After getting the approval from my mum who said I had to stick at it for at least six weeks, my karate journey had begun…

The six weeks flew by and my mum started training, followed by my dad and brother two years later. It is now a regular family activity and we have all developed together over the years, supporting each other along the way. Once I reached Secondary School, I found karate a great stress relief and a way to relax.

I have taken part in many competitions and courses as I feel they are important to broaden my knowledge of Karate from different Senseis. I enjoy competitions because I find it a great way to practice my skills in a more real environment and in a respectful and controlled way.

I am incredibly grateful to Sensei Bigsby and to my current Senseis, Sensei McMahon and Sensei Waterhouse for motivating me and helping me along the route to improve my karate skills but also to become a better person in everyday life. I have learned respect and patience as well as focus and commitment due to karate and this had helped me outside the dojo with everything that I do. I still try to continue training on my regular Saturday and Tuesday lessons as well as joining Sensei Kidby on Thursday and Friday classes whenever I can.

I am very proud to have achieved Shodan with Sensei Kidby and will continue to put in the effort that I have always tried to. Karate is now very much a big part of my life and after seven years of karate, I could not imagine a day without it!


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