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2014 Course Information

The courses for 2014 have now been arranged. Here's a preview...

Minh Chung Shotokai Course - Saturday February 8th, 2014

This is definitely a course not to be missed. Having trained with Minh Chung recently under the guidance of Harada Sensei, this course promises to be a real eye opener to the differences between our sister styles.

You will experience first hand the differences as he takes us through what we think we already know in a different and challenging way.

Open your eyes and your mind to the Shotokai way as demonstrated by Harada sensei's top instructor.

Minh started KDS training in the early 80's at Durham University KDS. He started running the Durham University KDS from early 90's. Minh moved to Oxford in 2001 and founded the Oxford University KDS.

Harada sensei is one of the few remaining karate-ka's to have trained under Funakoshi sensei and was awarded 5th dan by Funakoshi Sensei himself.

Executive Committee Course - Sunday May 18th, 2014

Our Federations' top three instructors, Renshi Andy Kidby (7th Dan), Shihan Eddie McClagish (5th Dan) and Shihan Liam O'Reilly (5th Dan) will take us through three areas of Shotokan karate in a mixed afternoon's training which will be educational, entertaining, and a great workout!

Sahota Sensei Kata and Bunkai Course - Saturday July 12th, 2014

Experience kata and bunkai from one of Shotokan's best known karate-ka's.

Sahota Sensei could not be with us in 2013 due to family matters so don't miss his return to CFTS this year; it promises to be a classic learning experience.

Shihan Holmes Course - Saturday November 15th, 2014

Shihan Holmes is one of our favourite visiting instructors. This promises to be another entertaining and energetic afternoon, not to be missed and long to be remembered.

His familiar laid-back but extremely effective style, his skills with both weapons and open hand techniques, and his great sense of humour ensures that we are in for another amazing afternoon's training.

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