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Zeeshan Ashraf

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Martial arts have always fascinated me since an early age but never had a chance to train. I put my son in Karate as he showed his interest in martial arts at a very young age. Although I wanted to practice some form of martial art myself, my work routine never allowed me. It was when I moved to Milton Keynes from Manchester and started finding the right dojo for my son to continue training.

I was extremely lucky that after an extensive search I found Renshi Andy Kidby training students in Bletchley Leisure Centre. Soon after, Renshi Kidby convinced me to start training as well. To be honest, I found the training hard at times along with my work and travel routine but I stuck with it. I started enjoying the training more and more myself. I graded for black belt along with my son on the same day in November 2021.

To be honest, the Shodan grading is just the beginning for me. I believe that I can learn new skills my whole life. Every time I enter the dojo, it feels like my first day as every day I learn something new. I am thankful to Renshi Andy Kidby, Senseis Simon & Pam McMahon especially for guiding me at every step and being helpful, patient and encouraging.

I look forward to new challenges and self-improvement in the days to come at CFTS.


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