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Welcome to 2014

Welcome to 2014!

The new CFTS year has a great deal in store with plenty to look forward to. Please ensure you check the calendar and make a note of the important dates and events.

Courses planned include a Shotokai course with Ming Chung, the CFTS Executive instructors course on different aspects of Shotokan, kata and bunkai with Shihan Sahota and a weapons/empty hand session with Shihan Holmes.

The CFTS annual Competition is in March this year, so get working on your kumite, individual kata, team and bo kata - a great deal of effort is put into hosting the Competition so let's make sure it has all our support.

Get your training underway now to ensure you are ready for Gradings; as Sensei Kidby says, train at every session like it is your grading. Only then can you be seen to be ready.

Dan grades - now is the time to ensure your C.V is on the website and up to date. Also, review your portfolio and make sure that is up to date at all times. Remember, portfolios can be requested at very short notice so keep working on yours!

2014 promises to be another great year and you can help by supporting your club and the Federation by attending the events and also by spreading the word about CFTS to friends and family. Let's get more new students across all clubs.

Once again, a very warm welcome to 2014 with CFTS !

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