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A Christmas Message from Renshi Kidby

Another year over, but another year wiser? Maybe, may be not, but certainly another year full of different experiences.

For students, 2014 certainly offered different training opportunities and experiences starting with the Shotokai course taken by Minh Chung, which was well attended and enjoyed by all who were there.

May gave a rare opportunity to train on one day, in the same dojo, with the executive senior instructors who jointly put on a course for the benefit of all our membership. The afternoon was demanding, yet, it is hoped, proved both enjoyable and informative.

On a hot July day Sahota Shihan met with our members to take them through a bunkai course where a different view was put on some basic kata moves and sequences. The year rounded off with Shihan Holmes once again taking us through the pain barrier but as always with good humour.

If you managed to attend all the courses hosted by us this year then you most certainly will be wiser for your year’s training. If not, try to make more courses next year as we once again are hosting a full range of varied courses with some excellent instructors, (see the CFTS 2015 Calendar for full details.)

The competition day, in April, was once again well-attended and was a very smooth and well-run day. Once again thanks to all who attended in whatever capacity in helping make it such a successful day. I am pleased to report once again it went off without incident or injury. If you were one of the unlucky ones who didn’t get to take a trophy home, train hard and maybe next year it will be your turn.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed your year’s training and that you come back after the festive break renewed, refreshed, invigorated and ready for some more training - hopefully without having put on too many pounds.

Finally, I along with the executive of CFTS would like to wish you, your family, friends and loved ones a most joyous and Merry Christmas and a happy, successful and prosperous New Year.


Renshi Kidby

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