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Ugandan Appeal Update

Sensei Kidby recently received a letter from the trustees of the charity that we are supporting, thanking everyone for their kind support in the motorbike appeal.

This is a scan of the letter recently received:

We also received a report back from Lira with photographic evidence of a brand new recently purchased all terrain motor bike and push bike. They are already being put to good use.

Director of “One Step at a Time” Mrs Sandra Murphy spent six hours on the back of the motor bike, tracking down relatives and loved ones in the bush of the street children. By the end of the day Sandra said, “I could see my legs with my eyes but I honestly couldn’t feel them. I did the next day though because they ached for all of it. It proved a very worthwhile journey though because we managed to re-unite a child with his parents who thought he had died”.

The pushbike is being used for more local trips - a very real asset as, even in Uganda, petrol is now over a pound a litre.

Smiles all round as owners of brand new push bike and motor bike. Many thanks must go to each and every member of CFTS and their families who so generously have supported this worthwhile appeal.

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