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Thomas Marshall

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

I originally began karate at six years old, as one of my friends at the time was going and he said it was really fun. At first I was apprehensive and never thought that six years later I would be a black belt. My sister and I began to go together regularly at Newton Longville under Sensei McMahon and Sensei Waterhouse; at first I enjoyed being able to shout without being told off but later on in my journey I began to really enjoy different aspects of karate, especially the Kumite.

During this time, I also attended multiple courses based on different topics within martial arts and even competitions where I have taken part in multiple kata and Kumite. Eventually, in October of 2019, I attended my black belt grading along with my sister and it was extremely nerve-racking. The morning of the grading, I was very worried about failing but once I began, those worries disappeared.

Fortunately I passed, but I wouldn’t have been able to do it without all the senior grades that helped me along the way, so I am very grateful for them.

Karate has taught me respect and self-control and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the past six years, but the journey has only just begun.



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