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The Ten Elements of Kata

The 10 Elements of Kata as instructed and laid down by Shihan Kanazawa

  • YOI NO KISIN - Concentration of readiness

  • INYO - Active and passive moments

  • CHIKARA NO KYOJAKU - The correct application of strength

  • WAZA NO KANKYU - Speed of movement

  • TAI NO SHINSHUKU - Expansion and contraction of the body and movement

  • KOKYU - Breathing relative to the move

  • TYAKUGAN - Focus, Aiming points, keeping in mind the purpose of the move

  • KIAI - Demonstrating martial spirit

  • KEITAI NO HOJI - Correct stance, positioning, angles and movement

  • ZANSHIN - Remaining on guard, staying mentally focussed back to yoi

Remember, as Gichin Funakoshi said: “Do the kata correctly, The fight is another matter.”

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