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The Matt Eagles Memorial Shield

Updated: Jan 13

Updated - January 2024

Following the sudden and unexpected passing of Sensei Matt Eagles in 2023, former member of the CFTS, student of our club and a close personal friend both in and out of the dojo, we decided create an award to his memory.

The Matt Eagles Memorial Shield is presented twice a year, in January and July, to the student who in our dojos has displayed the finest karate-do and shown dedication, determination, humility and kindness both inside and outside the dojo.

January 2024

For January 2024, the trophy was awarded to David Thomas. David has been with Newton Longville club since 2006 and has been a staunch supporter of the club and his Senseis ever since. David also assists with school clubs and is a highly valued and respected member of the club, showing great karate-do and easily fulfilling the requirements of dedication, determination, humility and kindness.

January 2024 Trophy Winner, David Thomas

2023 winner Lexi presenting David with the trophy

July 2023

For July 2023, the Shield was awarded to Lexi Comb.

July 2023 Winner Lexi Comb

Lexi with Senseis McMahon & McMahon

Congratulations to Lexi on winning the award, her karate is exemplary and she is a great role model for all students, young and old.


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