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Sensei Louise Thomas - Artist

As part of our series of 'CFTS: Off The Mat', we find out about Sensei Louise Thomas.

Whilst I have practised karate since 2004 I have had an interest in art since an early age encouraged by my father. I took a break from art whilst studying, working and raising my family, and returned to it as a serious pastime during a period of convalescence. I now try to practice daily.

I have a studio in Central Milton Keynes where I paint regularly. I enjoy a range of mediums but my favourite discipline is watercolour. I am also happy working in acrylic, pastel and oils. My subject interest is equally varied. I love life study (the human form) and portraiture but also work with architecture and buildings, fauna, flora and land and seascapes

I exhibit my work at a variety of galleries in the UK and in France including The Mall Galleries, London, Wellingborough, Chateau Blonay (Haute Savoie, France) and Milton Keynes. I am currently exhibiting watercolour and oil paintings at the Cornerstone Gallery in Milton Keynes and also have work on display at the Arts Gateway in Norfolk House. My work is also held in private collections. Just as with karate, it is important to remember basic training exercises too in order to progress. I continue to refresh my essential basic skills. As Gichin Funakoshi states in his 20 precepts: “Karate is like boiling water; if you do not heat it constantly, it will cool.” Practicing art is the same and, if you do not practice the basics, your skills will fade. Please visit my website:


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