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One Step At A Time - Founder Sandra Murphy RIP

Most CFTS karatekas will remember the work Renshi Kidby did, with the aid of the students, for the One Step At A Time charity working in Lira, Uganda.

He received this email recently and would like all to read it.

Subject: Our Founder Sandra Murphy

Dear Andy,

As a trustee, it is with deep sadness I am writing to inform you of the passing of Sandra Murphy. Sandra was not only the director and founder of ‘One Step at a Time (OSAAT)’ but she was also my mum.

She was a wonderful woman who made such sacrifices to follow her dreams and passion of bringing hope to those who had lost it, to provide education for those without it and sustainable living for struggling families. All of this she could have not done without the support of you and others like you. You all helped her to realise her dreams and ambitions and for that, I thank you.

This project brought so much pleasure to my mum, she was definitely happiest in Uganda where she felt she was making a difference to the lives of so many. She was dearly loved, respected and admired in Uganda for her work; I was lucky enough to see this for myself last summer as I volunteered with the project.

We had only just arrived in Lira and word was spread that ‘mama Sandra’ or ‘tata Sandra’ was in town. From that moment, there was a stream of visitors, families that had benefitted from the work of the project, sponsored children present and past, local dignitaries all calling by to share a tea, stories and offer their love and thanks to mum and supporters of One Step at a Time.

I saw for myself the children and families whose lives have been saved through feeding, education, shelter, love and support. This project is fantastic and is one that will continue. My mother may have passed but the difference she has made to hundreds of lives will live on as the project she has established is sustainable, powerful and continues to love and support those in true need.

We would like to reassure you that the Trustees of One Step at a Time are committed to continuing Mum’s great work in Uganda. With your help, we will go on supporting the charity so that together, we can build a lasting legacy in my mum’s memory. Please note that our family would welcome anybody who would like to join us to celebrate the life of Sandra Murphy. Keighly Murphy and the Trustees of OSAAT


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