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Master Jeff Sawyer - Course 2011

Master Sawyer is a retired police officer who was previously in the armed forces. He has trained in many martial arts for over 30 years. He is currently an armed and unarmed instructor of defence techniques to the police. After his previous successful course he took for CFTS, Master Sawyer returned to take us through further knife defences.

The course was open to anyone, which always proves popular with friends and family. It gives potential martial artists a look at what we do and also provides an enjoyable family day which is a bit different!

We practised basic knife attacks to get an appreciation of the defence we would have to prepare and how the knife 'lines' worked.

Master Sawyer took us through a series of knife attack scenarios, from which we were to defend by controlling the attacker with their knife and respond with an appropriate counter-attack. As usual Master Sawyer filled us in with background details of each technique and a real life scenario to reinforce the idea.

We kept close control of the attacker/knife, disarmed them and disabled them from attacking again. We utilised Master Sawyer's specific ready stance specially designed for defending against knife attacks.

We also practised again Master Sawyers doctrine of how to try to avoid confrontation & alert passers-by of an impending attack. Also to intimidate the attacker with 'tiger eyes' - which will only have meaning if you attend one of his courses!

We had plenty of time to practice his various techniques under his watchful eye and as usual everyone enjoyed the course and took something away with them.

Thanks to Master Sawyer for a good course & Sensei Kidby for organising the day.

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