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Martial Arts of the Orient - Peter Lewis, and The Ultimate Book of Martial Arts - Fay Goodman

To understand karate a little knowledge of other martial arts is essential, indeed for CFTS dan grades (as in some other associations too) it is compulsory to have knowledge of other styles of karate. A book to give back ground knowledge to other fighting arts is an important addition to any serious karate-ka's library.

I have two such books in my library. One is justifiably called “Martial Arts of the Orient” by Peter Lewis and published by Ward Lock. It gives a brief history of the most poplar oriental martial arts their meanings, founders, origins and specific peculiarities and idiosyncrasies. The book's author claims to reveal secrets of mysteries never before revealed explaining techniques of the world's deadliest adversaries. The author takes the readers on a journey of the orient through days gone by along the dangerous two-edged sword of kill or be killed.

The other is called “The Ultimate Book of Martial Arts” by Fay Goodman published by Lorenz Books with over 700 photographs to demonstrate in detail techniques performed by some of the worlds leading instructors. This book is similar to the other in some ways yet different, covers the philosophy behind each martial art and their benefits. Advice is also given within as to selecting the best art form for you, your body style, age and fitness level.

Either book would be a very worthwhile addition to your library for the facts and information within will keep you revisiting them for many years to come.

Martial Arts of the Orient: available to purchase here

The Ultimate Book of Martial Arts: this book is available from Amazon here.


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