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Kyu Gradings - December 2020

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Due to Covid-19 situation, the December gradings were held at the individual dojos for the under 18 students only.

Newton Longville

Gradings were held on Sunday December 13th. The grading groups were spread across the day to ensure social distancing. As we couldn't hold a lesson beforehand, students had been attending well prior to the grading and doing home training and zoom sessions.

The standard was very high and all the students enjoyed the experience and all did very well.

There were some members of the school clubs grading who have now transferred to Newton Longville and make fine additions to the club.

The quarterly trophy was awarded to Chloe Parkes, for her dedication to the club when many of her friends and training partners are falling by the wayside. Well done, Chloe.

Senseis Simon McMahon & Pam Waterhouse - December 2020


Gradings were held at the end of the lesson on Thursday 17th December with only three students grading. Having said that, they all did a superb grading and should be extremely proud, as were we.

The quarterly trophy was won by Simona Ashraf. Simona always trains hard, does not find it easy all the time and supports her karate family, Zeeshan, Rayyan and Maria.

Senseis Simon McMahon & Pam Waterhouse - December 2020


Brickhill Club held their gradings on Saturday 19th December for their last lesson before Christmas. Unfortunately the new tier measures meant that adults could not grade but the children that did grade performed to a very high standard.

Prior to the grading we had held Zoom lessons (which were well attended) and managed to get in a couple of face to face lessons to ensure that those who were grading were ready. Since returning in the summer we have gained some new beginners who are extremely keen and are excellent additions to our club.

Sensei Young would like to pass his thanks to Sensei S. Young and Sensei Currie for their assistance with the gradings.

The quarterly trophy has not been awarded yet.

Sensei Dan Young - December 2020

Newport Pagnell

The Newport Pagnell grading took place on a very cold evening in the local community centre in grade bubbles.

All of the students had worked hard throughout the year both on zoom and in person when possible, so standards were high. All parts of the grading were performed with confidence and spirit and students were happy to receive their new belt just before the restrictions changed again.

The club trophy was awarded to Stanley for his attitude and effort throughout the year.

A huge well done to all students, you made us very proud of you all!

Sensei Jan Wilson - December 2020


No gradings were held.


No gradings were held.


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