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Hirokazu Kanazawa

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Born on 3rd May 1931, initially taking up Judo, Kanazawa Shihan has become the foremost exponent of Shotokan karate being one of the first to attain the rank of 10th dan. He studied under Masatoshi Nakayama and is one of the very few left alive to have trained under the instruction of Gichin Funakoshi. Whilst at Nippon university he attained the rank of 2nd dan overtaking many others who had begun training before him. Sensei represented his university at karate championships nationwide. He was the all Japanese Karate champion three years running at both Kata and Kumite, still the only ever karate-ka to do so. He represented Japan at many championships at both Kata and freestyle.

After 3rd Dan, Sensei took up Tai-Chi where he has also become a world renowned exponent having studied it for over thirty years to its conclusion under the tutelage of professor Wong.

Kanazawa Shihan (10th Dan) heads his own association Shotokan Karate International which boasts a worldwide membership of over two and a half million. A very and humble man sensei has been teaching in the UK since an initial invitation to do so by the late Sensei Vernon Bell in 1965. His enthusiasm for karate is as keen now as ever it was. He is a very personable and approachable man and has become the most respected and well loved instructor in Shotokan.

Sensei Kanazawa died 8th December 2019.


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