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Family Self Defence Seminar

On May 19th, at our usual course venue, a large number of students and their families attended a self-defence seminar taken by 6th dan Zen Kempo-Jittsu instructor Terry Coughtree. For those who had trained with him before it was a chance to renew their acquaintance for others it would be a very enjoyable training experience. The dress for the course was casual to give students an experience of training whilst not in their Gi.

The afternoon started with discussions regarding “Hot Spots” and how to avoid confrontations and putting yourself into situations of danger. Sensei discussed three stages of readiness should you be confronted with an undesirable situation. Firstly, be aware of body language and unusual behaviour. Utilise all your senses. Don’t carry too much cash or valuable items. Know the area you are going to and the way back again as well as the exit in any building you may be in.

After the obligatory warm ups Sensei introduced everyone to his defensive stance wherewwupon one shouts “get back stand back!” Practical moves commenced with simple pushing and continued with open hand strikes to various target points. We continued with defensive strategies to numerous attacks of holds and restraints. Of particular interest and use were simple and effective methods of overcoming attempted strangulation from both the front and the rear.

Sensei Donovan Slue was a welcome guest! Sensei Bigsby’s wife also thoroughly enjoyed her afternoon’s experience learning how to keep him in order!

After a break striking pads were produced which were of good to rehearse course content on particularly for the novice martial artist and guests alike.

In conclusion Sensei talked some more about taking precautions against dangers including whilst out driving and taking evasive actions if being followed. He went on to thank all participants for their attendance, diligence whilst training, and good humour.

All in all the afternoon was an enjoyable and informative training course. Thanks must go to Sensei Coughtree and his able and capable assistant instructors.

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