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Eamon Kugenieks

I first started training in 1983 with TASK under Sensei John van Weenen initially as an alternative way of keeping fit. I was attracted to the traditional aspect of Shotokan Karate and felt my character was suited to the discipline involved. Due to family and work commitments I did not train in a Dojo for 5 years in the 90's resuming training in 1996 with CFTS with Sensei Andy Kidby. I reached Shodan in 1998 and moving on to Nidan in 2000 and I am currently working towards Sandan. My all time favourite Kata is Bassai Dai.

I am fascinated how Karate mirrors everyday life and vice versa and how years of physical training have affected my mental attitude in so many beneficial ways. Karate has been a “life saver” during many difficult periods of my life but never on a physical level… there is the paradox… striving for the perfection of character, striving to be a better and complete person.

I remain as strongly enthusiastic today about Karate as when I started all those years ago.


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